A Class in Comics part 1

I’ve been attending a class on comics in the faculty of arts and humanity in my university. They told me to make a comic strip for final assignment, and here is the process of making it.


I’ll explain one at a time.

Do you really want to listen to a comic tutorial from a person who draws her diagram with Microsoft Windows’s very own Paint?

First, you’ll need an idea. It comes from anywhere, your life or your other life in your brain. You can make a joke everyone will laugh at, or just a few people. Your call. Just make sure it is feasible to be transformed into a comic strip. For example, this is my story for the assignment.

Aris–the character was an ordinary comic writer. One day, an urge to write a comic strip came out of the blue–or is it blue? He never knew. When he just started, he realized that his very special pencil was in the place he did not remember. That one pencil was so significant he couldn’t start drawing without it. Panic and delirious, he seek for the pencil everywhere around the earth. After all that, he found that the pencil was there behind his ear, all along. Finally he had his pencil back, but his comic idea had gone because of the distractions.

Next, you’ll need a panel design description. I’ll write about that later.