I’m a hardline deadliner, and I’m not proud

What prompted this post was that I almost didn’t finish preparing the gifts for two of my best friends.

The first one is in the late of August. The gift had been bought a few days earlier, but it wasn’t gift wrapped. I didn’t have any fancy wrapping paper, just the ugly one I bought specifically for wrapping things that aren’t gifts.

It was the night before, and I left work at 9 pm. I snatched up some printer paper just before I left from the office to be used as gift wrapper. I didn’t have anything in mind about how I will use the paper. I’d figure that out later.

After I cleaned myself up and started thinking on how to wrap this gift, I realised that I left all my cute stationary at my desk. What left in my room are my cute nail polishes.

Finally, I got this gift wrapped in plain paper and nail polish.

The second account of me procrastinating gift giving was this late September, I prepared to give a fellow 2D artist a drawing of mine. Bought a fancy frame and artisan soap so if my drawing stinks the smell of the soap covered it up.

This time I left the office at 1 am :). What. A. What. I started drawing at 2 am and finished four hours later. Thank God, the 24-hours open printing services was open. … well, it was 8 am when I got there so other printing shop was open too. … I went there because it was the closest from my place, not the only one opened.

The plan was to create a paper tole. I underestimated the difficulty of cutting the particular shapes of my printed drawing. One hour passed and I realised this was going to take some time. My other best buddy gave a hand–two hands, cutting and gluing things together and probably halved the time needed.

Got the gift ready in the end.

This time I got lucky, next time probably not so much. I need to get better at managing my time.

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