Not-So-Creative Process Behind The Last Two Unimaginative Drawings

Finally a diary entry! Enough with all of these artworks publishing and just rant already. Wait what–

I have been planning to spare time for digital drawing since the beginning of the second term. It’s been more than two months since the last time I opened Photoshop and I felt like missing painting so much. I guess two is the maximum number of things I can do at once before everything starts to fall apart: postgrad life and a tiny bit of helping at an event. So my painting hobby is pushed to number three and neglected.

I haven’t checked Photoshop for a while and my Windows 10 PC has been updating itself in the meantime. I was kinda upset to find that the Wacom driver stopped working. Why was the one time I have time to draw the driver stopped working? LOL. I ended up reinstalling the driver after a few hours lurking Reddit forums and trying things. I also needed to set up a few things specifically for Photoshop.

The day I finally had time to draw AND had the PC working arrived. The perfect time to have an episode of art block! I spent a whole day to find inspiration alone, which involve randomly google things I enjoyed in the past: movies, music, series, anything. I was dreaded by the possibility that I couldn’t find anything because I was mildly depressed at the time. LOL edgy me. Fortunately, I found this edgy series about a couple of boys who terrorized Tokyo and encouraged more of chuunibyou attitude in unfortunate, delusional lads: Zankyou no Terror. More on my view about the series in another time. Maybe.

So I picked a good fan art from google search to redraw because I am still noob af.

I finished and published my fan art at one go. There it is: here. But I felt like drawing couples then. So the next thing I did was googling “korean couple photoshoots”.

The next day, my friends and I went cafe-hopping because we’re so fed up with working in the library. I had the sketch in one day, line art and base colors another day, and finishing on the third day. I really took my time then. Super relaxed pace. No stiff fingers in the end of any drawing session, unlike usual.

I’m happy with my work published here, but as usual, I’m not fully satisfied. Because millennials will never have a satisfying life and the grass is always greener on the other side.

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