[Spoiler] Cytus II Glitchy Story

Rayark’s rhythm games have been with me along my commuting journeys since forever. So naturally I pre-ordered and bought Cytus II on the first day it was available on Android. My progress has been slow because I only play on my commutes. And suddenly ((todayy)), Neko’s stream displayed on the screen is replaced by Æsir’s logo! Then a special song was unlocked. I knew I only had one chance to play these kinds of songs so I tried my best, but the song was glitchy and probably designed that way so you’d miss some notes and had the glitch experience :).


Æsir’s hack

I wish I’d always kept my plays in video so when these things happen I’d had it recorded 🙁

Then the game brought me back to the opening screen, and this happened:


Just Neko

Familiar MO? You probably have played certain funny visual novel. 🙂

After I play one song, a cutscene appeared, and this time I had it on video! This video might shed a light as to wut wuz dat:

That’s all folks.

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