Story of my ugly yet smart laptop

TLDR: if you have ASUS X550VX laptop with AutoHD resolution, you have a chance to upgrade to FHD! Replace it with the screen for X550VX-DM version.


I bought this laptop back home in Indonesia. I decided to buy a new laptop because my old one sometimes acted all cute and clumsy and turned off by itself randomly. My old laptop was pretty and all; thin and in my favourite colour: sky blue. But I can’t continue living with that lifeless yet surprisingly moody thing. I received a scholarship at the time and almost in the same time Just Deserts is released, so I have some money to spare for a new laptop.

I didn’t have enough time to choose for THE ONE. I just looked for a laptop under IDR 10M that has Intel i7, at least 8GB RAM and NVIDIA graphics card better than x30 or x300. I found this laptop ASUS X550VX, but the one I bought has AutoHD resolution instead of the one with FHD + touchscreen. Ah well, I’m in a hurry anyway, my flight to UK is in a few days! So I settled with the kinda oversized and unfortunately too red of a laptop (in my opinion).

In the next few months, I’ve started to like this laptop. I set a wallpaper taken from Monument Valley game screenshot so I can learn to like the colour red. Also, the fat body of this laptop turns out to be a blessing, so I can open only parts the back of the laptop easily to make upgrades. Unlike my experience with my pretty laptop, I have to open the case entirely from the front (the keyboard part) to get to the RAM and HDD. So scary! Can’t imagine how I feel if I pulled something by accident. My laptop came with 1TB HDD and 8GB RAM, but now I replaced the storage to 1TB SSD and insert another 16 gigs of RAM. Awyiss~

Missing teeth 🙁

Faceless ugly laptop

I still kinda can’t move on from the fact that I bought the AutoHD one instead of FHD type of X550VX, so instead of doing my dissertation, I Googled for screen replacement thingies; how to do it, what are the things to which I should pay attention, the price, and so on. Resolution upgrade for laptops is not encouraged because usually, the type of screen, the cable, and all those things I honestly don’t really understand are very specific. But I know that my laptop has a sibling with FHD + touchscreen, so I just go for it. I contacted ASUS support first, twice. They didn’t say that I can change my screen with the one from the DM version. They just did what I expected they would do; asked to see the device first. Well, I could do that myself lol but I’d probably lose my guarantee. After watching some tutorial videos, I decided that I’ll just buy a new screen here in the UK and put it on myself as it’s cheaper than going to the service centre or any laptop repair shop.

I went to and bought an ASUS X550VX-DM screen replacement. It takes 3 days for the screen to be delivered to me. But I ordered on Saturday so it might be faster on workdays. I was using this video as guidance. I guess I was pretty brutal with the front case as a lot of the parts comes off lol.

If you follow the video guide properly, you should be fine, just make sure the cable connects properly. It clicks!

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