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Here’s Ren Amamiya from Persona 5

Ren Amamiya from Persona 5. Finally got the energy to draw again. pic.twitter.com/fkKyCHqaFG — Nur Endah Safitri (@safitrinu

Looks like Killua, but

Hm yabegitulah#sketch #hunterxhunter #killua pic.twitter.com/XCaL2IqZUH — Nur Endah Safitri (@safitrinurendah) May 26, 2019

Persona 3: Makoto Yuki

Makoto Yuki from Persona 3. Morning doodle to jumpstart ma day 🙂#makotoyuki #persona3 #sketch pic.twitter.com/1of2H6N84Q

Jughead Jones working @ Pop’s

If Jughead were an anime character, lol. The storyline doesn’t make sense anymore but I’m still watching Riverdale

Stereo-anamorphic Projection for sh-ts and giggles

In the hands of some visionary people, my little project can be a medium for art. Communicating big ideas that steal hearts an

Keeping Track of my Dissertation Progress: DIY Calendar

TL;DR. I took a picture of my DIY calendar everyday for 52 days until my final dissertation presentation day.

We are not so different; Outsourcing Game Studios’ Common Aspirations in Developing Countries

This blog post started with a book. Because books are little sparks that starts the passion bonfire. Buy this book on Amazon.

Procrastination Diary: My First Dive into Kotlin

TL; DR: I made a simple WebView App. The source code is available on my Gitlab, and the app is on the Google App Store. Backgr

Birthday Card

Birthday Card

I’m a hardline deadliner, and I’m not proud

What prompted this post was that I almost didn’t finish preparing the gifts for two of my best friends. The first one is

Ren: Morgana on my shoulder

Finally! I got time to draw my third husband here. On totally unrelated note, today is the Independence Day, so this is the pe