[Spoiler] Cytus II Glitchy Story

Rayark’s rhythm games have been with me along my commuting journeys since forever. So naturally I pre-ordered and bought

Trailer Video Animation

A Trailer Video for an upcoming project by Vifth Floor, as displayed on Comifuro 9 event. Made with Adobe After Effects (Trial

VOID Visual Novel UI

A UI preview of the game VOID, available on Steam. Art by Kareidon: https://www.facebook.com/kareidon/ Sekai Project Logo: htt

Taking Little Steps to Structure

Human is a creature of habit. I know, indie game life is (in)famous for its crunches and all-nighters. But you can’t be

Feeling ignored so I just doodle the dood

This dood is exhausted so he’s sleepy. But I feel like being a needy gf so I be mad. I be mad here. I be mad The sleepy


My OC was exhausted from all the work stuff so he ran to the quietest window and sit there. Like a little cactus in a pot. San


My OC couple playing some music. :3 Music

Story of my ugly yet smart laptop

TLDR: if you have ASUS X550VX laptop with AutoHD resolution, you have a chance to upgrade to FHD! Replace it with the screen f

Dinosaur. Beware of Pun!

Iftar in UK is 21:30 and getting late each day. It’s the same time people in Jakarta/Tangerang are having their suhoor.

Political view is like religion

So apparently according to some online quiz, I’m a libertarian socialist. Ah well. I brace myself for a lot of

People are not Puzzles

Not-So-Creative Process Behind The Last Two Unimaginative Drawings

Finally a diary entry! Enough with all of these artworks publishing and just rant already. Wait what–