Give In

I’m studying in college and working as a half-time teaching assistant for freshman. Seeing these fresh college people reminds me of how optimistic I was back then just after high-school graduation about this whole college life. It gives my dying hope fairy in my head fresh air to breathe.

A few days ago a colleague came to me with a confused look. She said that one of her students confess that the assignment collected was not the work of hers, so when my friend asked her to present it she said she couldn’t. My friend said she felt sorry for not knowing this problem earlier before the assignment deadline and she was stunned. I was just as stunned as she was and suggested giving the student half of every marking points. If I were her I would’ve given less and reported this. She was too kind.

They think we didn’t know. Please, don’t be too naive to miss the fact that we’ve past that phase you’re going through. Cheating was an option for us too back then. It was an option at least I didn’t use.



If I were in that situation, stuck and finishing the assignment wasn’t possible anymore, I would return anything that I had done. Even if it was just the word ‘THE’, or even just public class Surrender{}. I’d prefer saying that was all I could do then, I would do better next time–than cheating.

I was in that situation.

I felt sorry for submitting that assignment behind schedule and giving up. Sorry for everyone felt responsible, for making them felt that way. You shouldn’t have, it was my own fault.