People are not Puzzles

Me Big Five personality traits: another online quiz

Five phrases to describe me according to: http://www.personal.psu.edu/~j5j/IPIP/ Extraversion: Unfriendly thrill-seeker Agreea

Ooops. Forgot that this is a diary not a portfolio.

Better start to learn writing, gurl! — I said self limiting sentences a lot. “I can’t afford Photoshop.̶

Pervasive Computing: A Double-Edged Sword

Human attention is precious. In addition, it is limited. Technology allows more devices come and be part of our everyday life.

Old Archive of Math Problems

Late this night I stumbled upon a nostalgic old Ms Word file with an epic title “High School Math Problems”. I too

CnS class – Challenger Case Discussion

A picture of the smoke trails after the Space Shuttle Challenger accident on January 28, 1986. – Picture courtesy of the

Hello Unity

This should be posted somewhere else, but I can’t stand the downtime so here it is. Unity3D adalah salah satu editor pil

Unity Pointers

I write this for myself as a reminder. Usually I don’t take notes, but if this helps me, I might want to start making it

Pi and Me: The Commencement

I have this huge crush to it since around 2005. That’s when I studied a little elementary math and it got me fascinated

Hi, again

I’m moving out. 😀 I’ve already had a blog here and even though this whole relocating thing is consuming my time

Give In

I’m studying in college and working as a half-time teaching assistant for freshman. Seeing these fresh college people re