Hi, again

I’m moving out. πŸ˜€

I [heart] my box

I [heart] my box

I’ve already had a blog here and even though this whole relocating thing is consuming my time, I’m really excited to have my own domain. It’s like leaving your dorm and moving to your own place. πŸ˜€  The place is like a studio apartment, I barely can stretch out my arms, but I love it. Nothing feels as good as being in your own home. Well, technically it’s not, but I guess you get the idea.

Gee, this writing thing is really exhausting.

So… There are other things that gave me this thought about moving out here other than a whim. A friend has this project, and he wants to create a website for it. He allows me to collaborate. I think this is a, um… commensalism sort of thing, where I’m the beneficiary. Haha. That’s what friends do, after all I’m invited and I’m glad. πŸ™‚