Old Archive of Math Problems

Late this night I stumbled upon a nostalgic old Ms Word file with an epic title “High School Math Problems”. I took a look and went on a journey to a not too distant past. I was this meticulous 3 years ago. Now I slack. … Haha. Not really. I am more productive than ever.

Here’s the first 9 problems in this PDF file, containing 99 problems. They are in Bahasa Indonesia.

“Oh God, I despise anyone who embed PDFs. They took forever to load and this one looks like a group of ants in my mobile screen. Why are you doing this?”

I don’t bother creating other type because I’m that lazy. Another evidence of my laziness is the fact that I didn’t find the file containing the answer keys of these problem anywhere. Maybe I never made one. I’m pretty sure I did made the answer keys. They are probably somewhere in the old notebooks sold to an random junkman.

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