Ooops. Forgot that this is a diary not a portfolio.

Better start to learn writing, gurl!

I said self limiting sentences a lot. “I can’t afford Photoshop.” “I will never move and live where I constantly have to cross railroads.” “I have no plan of living anywhere outside Jabodetabek.” “I will not have a credit card.” “I don’t like being on the outside.” “I like routine.”

But Life is funny. It has a way of screwing my avoidant, scaredy cat persona and dragging me into unexpected window of opportunities. “You’re afraid now? It’ll only get scarier from here, darling.” And Life shoved me face first to the said window.

The last 2 years of this ‘fraidy kitty has been a rollercoaster. Ended a supposed-to-be-lifelong long term relationship. Started a serious side project. Side project became “the” project. Presented a thesis. Graduated from uni. Project got a publisher. Started seeing somebody new. Planned to apply to game dev uni. Found out that masters are costing a sh-t ton of money. Got govt. schoolarship. Got into game dev uni. The uni was on another side of Earth. Decided to have a long distance relationship. Traveled outside of country for the first time, alone. Was constantly in a room full of people not talking in my language. Made new friends.

If it was up to me, I would be working somewhere near my home, in my hometown. But Life picked me up by the scruff, put me inside a cardboard box and left me in the park full of dogs–No, that was too much drama. Life left me in a train station to wander.

But that’s OK. This scaredy cat has an electric heating blanket so everything is okay now.

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