Pi and Me: The Commencement

I have this huge crush to it since around 2005. That’s when I studied a little elementary math and it got me fascinated by how something can be real but not rational. Pi is the first irrational constant I know, it may be yours too. And yours. And you on the back, it’s also yours. We see it in elementary school. I didn’t exactly remember but it did appear to me around that time. Looking back after eight years and a few Calculus lectures later, I’ve seen other similar constants sharing this interesting properties but I’m too fixated to pi. You can’t really move on from your first crush <3.

That, and my maiden name is pi.

That time after school, a teacher had me and my curious friends huddled in front of his desk in the homeroom and told a bunch of innocent eleven to twelve years old children the idea of using pi in finding the circumference and area of a circle from its radius. As a stupid, stubborn little pupil, I just instantly don’t like the hazy concept about using constants in any calculation. I wonder where those kind numbers come from. The other evidence that I was stupid back then is I mistook pi with phi. I found out the difference between their spelling in English when I was in the middle of middle school. That long. Took me years to realize this foolishness. You can still see this stupid mistake I did in almost all of my email account addresses. Why do I keep these email addresses? I’m too lazy to change them and they give me something to giggle alone every time I type them. I was that cute. Wait a second. I am cute. You don’t think I’m cute? You’re wrong, you make me unhappy and I don’t like you.

I roll!

Let me roll around ignoring the fact that you said that I was not cute

I like to draw. I started to put pi on all of my drawings since… perhaps in the beginning of 2006. I threw away some of those ugly doodles, and the oldest record that I’ve been signing pi on them is around June 2006. That doodle is not too ugly so I assume it was not the first time I put my signature there. My mom called me Pipi before my sister was born. So, that quirky alter ego in me proclaimed herself as pi2.